By - Jeremy Royster

NEW! EscapEDX from F.A.I.L. U.

Our premiere educational escape room experience (EscapEDX) has been launched!  This VR RPG pits student-created avatars against the villainous S-Quad as they search for Indiana Royster, journalist and truth-sleuth. Hidden clues help players complete critical thinking tasks as they attempt to find Indy before he is silenced forever.


By - Jeremy Royster

What Happens When Students Create Their Own Curriculum?

“Big Picture’s ( model is now used in more than 60 schools across the U.S. … Throughout the year, students assesses their own work to measure what they’ve learned and to make sure they’ve identified, mapped out, and realized plans toward achievable goals … Reflection and self-assessment are key.”
By - Jeremy Royster

What if young people designed their own learning?

Teachers need to strike the balance between encouraging independent learning and providing students with guidance. They have a key role in cultivating confident, curious learners who can take risks and learn from their mistakes. Feedback loops are critical, with students and teachers providing regular feedback to each other to achieve quality learning.”

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