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We’re losing hope.  Humanity has abandoned creativity in favor of addictive, fruitless tasks that threaten our species’ survival.

But all is not lost.  A top secret learning system has been developed to make productive activities more engaging.  You are among a select group of trainees tasked with mastering Questcraft.  The quests you create will enlist a new generation of recruits in the education revolution.  Together we can save the world from apathy-induced demise! 


This is the fast-track version of our Game-Based Instruction Certificate package, without the certificate. Game-based learning and gamification motivational tools are gaining popularity in schools and at work. When applied correctly these techniques, like the narrative above, inspire learners to persevere through repeated failures to achieve long-term goals. 

According to Raph Koster, author of A Theory of Fun for Game Design, games are “limited formal systems,” that exercise our brains in a way that can be useful in real life.  They are fun because they provide “that moment of triumph when we learn something or master a task… In other words, with games, learning is the drug.” (40).

The lessons, or “quests,” in Fast Track to GamED have been designed according to the game-thinking principles of game gurus like Koster.  As with all F.A.I.L. University courses, every quest models the very strategies you will learn to employ in your learning environment.  At the end of each quest, you may assess your own progress using this Distance Motivation Pedagogy:

Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of the Game Gurus and inspire an education renaissance?

– Jeremy Royster, Founder

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