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2. PersonalizED

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The term “quest” is gaining popularity in educational settings as a fun way to refer to a gamified lesson.  Descriptive language is important in gamification, or the process of turning an activity into something resembling a game.  It adds detail to a narrative that gives learners a sense of purpose.  But you don’t necessarily need gamification strategies to push student’s intrinsic motivation buttons.  Instead, you can provide interactive instruction rich with opportunities for mastery, a sense of purpose, and autonomy through personalization.

In this course you’re going to master the skill of creating a personalized quest for an audience relevant to you on a topic of your choosing.  (See what I did there?)

Each quest I’ve designed for you is a model of the personalization techniques you will employ in your own quest creation.  Each of the quests in PersonalizED includes a PersonalizED Pedogogy table like the one below illustrating exactly which personalization techniques were used.

So let’s get you on the path to building a PersonalizED quest!  It’s the closest thing to gamified learning in half the time.

– Jeremy Royster, Founder

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