By - Jeremy Royster

Sample Quest: Good Gamification

Get ready to embark on a sample quest that will model a variety of fun, personalized, grit-building elements you’ll want to employ in your instructional environment.



And what are those elements?

Look at the chart below to see how GamED-infused instruction can inspire your learners to unwittingly meet educational goals!


To learn more about GamED:

1.)  First, watch the Extra Credits educational video about gamification below.  

More From Extra Credits


2.) Next, choose from EITHER of the EscapED Rooms below.  (If you get stumped any time during play, take a peek at the EscapED Room Answer Key to get help moving to the next activity or to analyze the design of the games.  The goal is to leverage game design to make perseverance through difficult challenges rewarding and to take the shame out of asking for help!  


a.) For a straight-forward 2D puzzle trail, try the Google Form below!

EscapED Room Answer Key


b.) For a more immersive virtual reality (VR) simulation, find the START button to play as you learn!

EscapED Room Answer Key


Now Look What You’ve Learned!

After Enrollment…

Once enrolled in the course you’ll have an opportunity to:

    • create GamED quests and quizzes
    • play games created by fellow enrollees
    • receive personalized feedback

Every quest will include a chart like the one below describing the motivation strategies used.  For example, Good Gamification modeled “grit-orientation” because you had an Answer Key safety net and unlimited opportunities to persevere if you experienced setbacks during the EscapED Room activity.


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