1. The Fun in Failure

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The Fun in Failure is a resilience reinforcement system that employs games to train participants how to reframe mistakes as learning opportunities.  


Jane McGonigal, author of SuperBetter, explains that purposeful play “really does help you become less depressed, better connected, and more resilient in real life.”(Slate, 2015) All games position players to fail repeatedly in order to learn how to win.  McGonigal’s resilience isn’t possible without multiple opportunities to try again, as you will be afforded in this course.

The lessons, or “quests,” in The Fun in Failure have been designed according to the game-thinking principles of masters like McGonigal.  At the end of each quest, you may assess your own progress using this Motivation Pedagogy


Are you ready to master the teachings of the “Grit Gurus” and turn your failures into fun? 

– Jeremy Royster, Founder

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