Who are F.A.I.L. University courses designed for?

F.A.I.L. University courses provide instructors with the skills required to create engaging, personalized online learning “quests” for any age group. 


How much do F.A.I.L University courses cost?

The least expensive single course is $59/year/person and the most expensive bundle is $199/year/person. 


Can I pay to access F.A.I.L. University courses as needed?

All F.A.I.L. University courses are self-paced and accessible for 1-year. Registered participants may access all paid courses as needed, and may cancel at any time.


Can I purchase a bulk subscription for my staff at a discount?

Absolutely.  Bulk subscriptions are discounted on a case-by-case basis, taking participant population numbers into account.  If interested in a bulk subscription for a school, district, or business, contact jeremy@failu.org.


How long is the free trial period?

Free trials for bulk subscriptions vary.  Contact jeremy@failu.org


Do I get a certificate of completion at the end?

You may earn any/all of the following certificates through our Certificate Course Bundles:

All F.A.I.L University Certificates have been approved by and published to the Credential Engine Registry


What are the technical specifications, systems, and/or data required to access F.A.I.L. University course material? 

Any computer, tablet, or phone with a working internet connection and browser will provide access to F.A.I.L. U. content from anywhere in the world.  The speed of work will depend on the device and the connection speed of your internet provider.


How do I make up for a missed training session?

It is impossible to miss a training session.  F.A.I.L U. learning modules are asynchronous and self-paced so that you may participate at your convenience.


How long is the onboarding process?

For solo users:  enrolling in a course or bundle can take as little as a minute.

For organizations:  The onboarding process involves:

  1.  designating group leaders
  2. a brief tutorial
  3. the distribution of the group enrollment code to group members
  4. the self-enrollment of group members
  5. another brief tutorial


Does this come with basic computer training?

No.  Participants must have an elementary proficiency with computers and the internet.


How proficient do I have to be with specific applications or software?

Proficiency with specific applications or software is not required.  If experiencing any technical difficulties, contact info@failu.org.


What is the time availability for help desk?

All help desk inquiries submitted to info@failu.org will receive a response within 24 hours.

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