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1.) GamEDX Pedagogy

2.) Game Makers


1.) GamEDX


The FREE GamEDX Pedagogy table below is a guide to creating your own game based lessons.


Want help creating your own game-based lessons? 

Try Fast Track to GamED or go for the Game-Based Instruction Certificate at F.A.I.L. University! 



  Section 2

Section 2

2.) Game Makers


See the FREE learning game-making tools below. Most of these tools are for memorization, NOT:

                  • 21st Century Skills

                  • Higher-order thinking skills

                  • Social Emotional Learning skills

                  • Resilience


Want to create a better learning game? 

Get a taste of F.A.I.L. University courses by breaking out of  this EscapEDX Quest! 


Hyperlinked Site Examples Help Center Tips

Google Forms

(with EquatIO add-on for STEM subjects)

Google Forms (with Thinglink) Escape Room

Learning Center

Create a Google account Create a Google Form quiz
Blooket How to Play Scroll down for instructions Teacher Tutorial


Baseball, Spin to Win Contact, FAQ Save questions in Google Doc

ProProfs Brain Games

Crossword, Brain Teaser…

Help Desk

Save questions in Google Doc

Purpose Games Image Quiz, Slide Quiz… Help Center

Free, with ads

Super Teacher Tools

Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?… Help Desk Google registration

Class Tools

Pac Man, Asteroids, Pong Contact, FAQ

Save Q’s in Google Doc, ads

Quizlet Match, Gravity, Live… Help Center

Google registration, with ads

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