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Quest 6: Failure Faith Copy

Failure Faith with Lewis Schiff

“Failure Faith [is] the conviction that failure may result whenever you try to stretch and achieve something special, that failure yields unforseen lessons and benefits, and that failure sets a bar that your competitors will likely trip over.”    –Business Brilliant


Lewis Schiff has spent a lot of time researching and writing about failure.  In Business Brilliant:  Surprising Lessons From the Greatest Self-Made Millionaires he summarizes a secret known to few other than the independently wealthy:

“[businesses] succeed by surviving because Business Brilliance is a game of perseverance.  It is not a game of averages, like high school or college, where failing 6 out of 7 tests always earns you an F.  It’s not like competitive sports, where a 1 for 7 average at anything will get you benched or cut from the team. In business you can fall short 6 times out of 7 and still enjoy great financial success.”

Schiff distills the lessons he draws from business leaders and personal experience into a winning formula easily applicable outside the business world.  For a sampling of Shiff’s business brilliance, play the Failure Faith Spin Game as/after you watch his interview on Learning From Authors, below.

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