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Quest 7: Failure Is Opportunity Copy

Failure is Opportunity with Matthew DelNegro

Everyone gets knocked down.  Learn from the losses.


Actor Matthew DelNegro champions the importance of failure as a teaching tool in his ground-breaking podcast, 10,000 “No”s.  No stranger to rejection, DelNegro plumbs his guests for the often untold story of their successes were shaped by failures.  In the following interview, psychotherapist Mike Boyle introduces a Eastern-spirituality-influenced approach to failure that can induce feelings of joy.

To dig into this fascinating exchange, play the 10,000 “No”s Multiple Choice Quiz as/after you listen to (both below):

      • a clip from 10,000 “No”s:  Episode 27, in which DelNegro, as the interviewee, reveals the podcast’s origin story.
      • Episode 112:  interview with Mike Boyle

Boyle’s Failure Philosophy

You may reach enlightenment and still fail.  Be grateful for the obstacles.

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Self Assess

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“Failure Is Opportunity” Quest Feedback

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