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Quest 4: Failure Isn’t Fatal Copy

Failure Isn’t Fatal with Seth Godin

Aim high, but know when to quit.


Should we persevere under all circumstances?  In The Dip:  A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) Seth Godin reveals that persistence, while essential, isn’t always appropriate.  Godin continues to emphasize the importance of resolve in The Icarus Deception.  He even goes so far as to suggest that excessive self-confidence is better than timidity in today’s “Connection Economy” because the cost of failure is lower than ever.

To learn more, complete the “Seth Godin: Failure Isn’t Fatal” Crossword (below) as/after you watch The Productivity Game summary of The Dip and listen to the Marketing Over Coffee podcast about The Icarus Deception (farther below).   Feel free to use the Word Bank.

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Self Assess

Feel free to redo the crossword after checking the Answer Key.  It’ll appear in a different arrangement for each attempt.


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“Failure Isn’t Fatal” Quest Feedback

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