By - Jeremy Royster

Modeling Grit Copy

Modeling Grit  Asking for Feedback

No, this is not the end. Now that you’ve mastered the ways of the Grit Gurus your help will be invaluable. Each new learning experience you launch empowers others to face down self-doubt and reframe mistakes as learning opportunities.  You and your learners will face seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but remember: failure isn’t permanent. You’ll be amazed at how quickly change can happen.

May the Grit Gurus be with you.

Speaking of iterations and critique, FAIL University can benefit from your feedback, too! Please complete the following 2 surveys in order to (A) get ideas for surveys you can create to get feedback from your learners, and (B) help us improve The Fun in Failure.  It is completely anonymous, so be honest (…and specific!)

Final Feedback!

Please comment below on anything we can do to improve the Modeling Grit quest. Thank you for playing with us.

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