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Quest 1: The Puzzle of Motivation Copy

The Puzzle of Motivation with Dan Pink

Intrinsic motivation depends upon purpose, mastery, and autonomy.


Ready to dig deep into the science of motivation?  Game Guru Dan Pink teaches us the tricks of tapping into intrinsic motivation, the first step toward saving the world.


In your first quest you’ll learn from career analyst Dan Pink.  In his best-selling book Drive:  The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us Pink uses scientific evidence to make the case that traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think.  The apathy we face at home and at work results from a culture of extrinsic motivation.  To learn more, complete any of the Quizlet games or activities below Dan Pink’s TED Talk:  The Puzzle of Motivation:

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Game Thinking Pedagogy

The Puzzle of Motivation quest includes the following intrinsic and extrinsic motivation techniques:


Self Assess

Feel free to redo any of the games or activities until you perform to your satisfaction.


Make Your Own Quizlet

Make one of your own with at least 10 questions about any topic and share it here.  It won’t be graded formally, but you are expected to offer feedback about the game in the row above yours. (If you are the first person from your class to complete a game, offer feedback about the next one that appears in the row below yours.)  Don’t forget to check the feedback you received!

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