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Quest 11: Navigating Your Narrative Copy

Navigating Your Narrative

You are nearing the end of your mission, but before you can flesh out your game you need to target your player types with an appealing narrative. You may remember that the following narrative has been embedded throughout The Inspiration Game as a model:

You are an educational game maker in-training (<–identity) who must complete challenges as you learn to create games (<–obstacles) that will save the world (<–goal).

You’ve also learned that narratives can give you choices that determine the outcome of the story.  Now you can inspire an inquiry mindset in your learners with a choice-filled narrative of your own.

Read any or all of the sources below about gamification narrative before crafting one.  Keep it simple.  What storyline will be appropriate for your subject matter, easily applied to your environment, and imbue a sense of purpose in your learner?  Complete the Gamification Narrative Submission Survey when finished.



Curated Narrative Resources:

Or find your own using the Resource Pathfinder!  (If you find a new one, please make it available to others via the PLN Resources Survey.)

You can also search the narratives of your peers for ideas. (The last column lists favorite Curated Narrative Resources.)


Game Thinking Pedagogy

The Navigating Your Narrative quest includes the following intrinsic motivation techniques:

Self Assess

The Gamification Narrative Submission Survey is a form of self-assessment.


Please comment below on anything we can do to improve this quest. Thank you!

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