By - Jeremy Royster

Quest 8: What’s My Player Type?

What’s My Player Type?


Finally.  You’ve reached the next training level.  You’re anxious to start building your quest.  But just as you’re about to begin you learn that before you create your world-saving game you need to learn what motivates your players! 


In this quest, you will take this Player Type Quiz to learn what motivates YOU and then create an avatar to represent your persona.  Avatars and “gamertags” (made-up names) help learners feel safe making mistakes, and ideally, represent the interests, characteristics and/or tools of a master in whatever skill(s) you are teaching.

Follow the video instructions below to create a DoppleMe avatar that, if possible, represents characteristics and/or skills you’d like to model for your learning environment.  (Then you may want to offer the Player Type Quiz to your learners, the better to keep your audience in mind as you flesh out your narrative in the next quest.)

(Registration for DoppleMe is free and offers more features and accessory options than depicted in the video.)



How do you like your avatar?  If you think you can do better, revise it using DoppleMe or try other free avatar creation programs like Avatar Maker, Avachara, Kartunix, MyBlueRobot, or Bitmoji, to name a few.


“What’s My Player Type” Quest Feedback

Under “Comments” below, please describe how the What’s My Player Type? quest did and/or didn’t effectively model the Distance Motivation Pedagogy:

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