By - Jeremy Royster

Quest 12: Quill Your Quest Copy

Quill Your Quest

You continue to meet The Inspiration Game challenges with grit. Now support your narrative with a gamified lesson, or “quest”, about ANY topic for YOUR learning environment.  For example, for a narrative about intrepid adventurers who follow the cyborg Yeti trail of lost treasures across 7 continents, your first quest could involve learning about the continents, the Yeti, and/or map skills. The more quests you and your learners create, the more problem solving inquiry paths will be available to potential world-savers.

Use the Quest Template (Go to file–>Make a copy) to create a lesson outline that employs game-design pedagogy.

To begin:

1.) CHOOSE YOUR SOURCE(S) below to investigate

2.) Check the Game Thinking Survey (Responses) for ideas.

3.) Refer to the Motivation Pedagogy before using the Quest Template (Go to file–>Make a copy) to create your own lesson

4.) Share the link to your completed Quest Template HERE. (Your quest will appear in the Quest Submissions)

5.) Offer feedback about the Quest in the row above yours. (If you are the first person from your class to complete a game, offer feedback about the next one that appears in the row below yours.)

6.) Check back later to see if anyone has given you feedback.



Additional (Optional) Resources:


Game Thinking Pedagogy

The Quill a Quest quest includes the following intrinsic motivation techniques:

Self Assess

Feel free to complete the Game Thinking Survey for your completed Quest Template.


Please comment below on anything we can do to improve this quest. Thank you!

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