By - Jeremy Royster

Quest 13: Manifest Your Mechanics

Manifest your Mechanics

The world is on the brink of disaster!  Is your quest ready to help save it? 


Now that you’ve identified your player types, outlined your objectives, framed your narrative, and quilled your quest, you need to create your assessment. Create a game quiz for your subject area (or any topic that you’ve chosen for your lesson) that:

      • Motivates a wide range of players
      • Meets your objective
      • Moves your story forward

For example, for a narrative about a ragtag team of scientists who have to decode a secret message about the meaning of relative time before aliens use their giant energy gun to convert the earth’s mass into light, you could create a model ProProfs Brain Game word scramble about Einstein’s theory of special relativity.   You could then have students design their own games (of any type) that address a specific lesson objective, like “students will be able to demonstrate how gravity relates to time.” It doesn’t have to be digital.  You may decide to modify a board game or create your own.

Before you begin, watch Extra Credits:  Games in Education for some tips about how games should and shouldn’t be used in an educational setting.

To begin…

Check the Game Quiz Submissions (below) for ideas.

TimestampAuthorGame TypeSubjectTopicSourceGame


      1. Use the sources you’ve gathered in your PLN (saved to your Google Drive)
      2. Follow this Game Quizzing Tutorial to create a new game quiz about a topic of your choice.
      3. Complete the Game Quiz Submissions (After 5 minutes, Search for your Game Quiz by key word to find it in the Game Quiz Submissions table, above.)
      4. Refer to the Timestamp column in the Game Quiz Submissions table or Search for the most recent game quiz (other than yours) to offer feedback.
      5. Check back here later to see if anyone has given you feedback.


Self Assess

Complete this Game Quiz Feedback Survey about your own Game Quiz.


“Manifest Your Mechanics” Quest Feedback

Under “Comments” below, please describe how the Manifest Your Mechanics quest did and/or didn’t effectively model the Game Thinking Pedagogy, below:

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