By - Jeremy Royster

Quest 14: Making = Learning Copy

Making = Learning


You’ve gotten each Game Guru’s gobbledy-gook, plotted your PLN, anticipated your audience, outlined your objectives, navigated your narrative, and manifested your game mechanics.  What’s left?

It’s time for the boss battle.  The biggest and final challenge.


In this quest you must draw from all of the special knowledge and skills you’ve acquired thoughout Distance Gamification.  Understanding how game construction can support your learning goals is the crucial before you are ready to gamify your entire learning system.


First, listen to the Professor Game Podcast about Constructivist Gaming


Then, begin the Learning Through Game Construction Quiz



Self Assess

Feel free to compare your answers to your peers’ via the Learning Through Game Construction Quiz (Responses).   Refer to the POSSIBLE Answer Key at your leisure.


Make Your Own Google Form Quiz

Create a Google account before creating a Google Form quiz.  Google has a fantastic Learning Center.


“Making = Learning” Quest Feedback

Under “Comments” below, please describe how the Making = Learning quest did and/or didn’t effectively model this Distance Motivation Pedagogy:

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