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Quest 2: The Learning Revolution Copy

The Learning Revolution with Sir Ken Robinson

Learning should foster creativity through a personalized appeal to individual talents and interests.


Now that you’ve solved The Puzzle of Motivation you’re ready to join Game Guru Ken Robinson’s Learning Revolution.  You won’t be able to revolutionize education single-handedly.  It’ll take a movement to save the world.


Sir Ken Robinson makes the case for an end to our standardized educational system and calls for personalized learning to engage all students.  To learn about his proposed revolution, choose from among these Arcade Game Quizzes as/after you watch either the animated or live version of Robinson’s TED Talk, below.  Feel free to use this Word Bank.

More From Robinson


Game Thinking Pedagogy

The The Learning Revolution quest includes the following intrinsic and extrinsic motivation techniques:


Self Assess

Feel free to redo any of the games or activities until you perform to your satisfaction.   Refer to the Answer Key at your leisure.


Make Your Own Arcade Game Quiz

Make one of your own with at least 10 questions about any topic and share it here.  It won’t be graded formally, but you are expected to offer feedback about the game in the row above yours. (If you are the first person from your class to complete a game, offer feedback about the next one that appears in the row below yours.)  Don’t forget to check the feedback you received!

You don’t need to open an account to create a ClassTools arcade game quiz.  There are samples and examples to help.  Try a simple one first with questions you saved in a Google Doc.



Please comment below on anything we can do to improve this quest. Thank you!

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