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Quest 2: Why Personalized Learning? Copy

Why Personalized Learning?

OK.  Some games.  

Watch either/both the live/illustrated versions of the two TED Talks and play each corresponding quiz game, below.  

Just don’t have fun.  No time for that.

Task 1:  Here’s a 1.5 minute video to point the way.  What do you think the “opposite direction” (last phrase of the clip) would look like?

(That’s a rhetorical question.)



Task 2:  Play Quizlet Gravity (below) as/after you watch either the animated or live version of Pink’s TED Talk (farther below).   Feel free to use this Gravity Word Bank




Task 3Complete the Sir Ken Robinson:  Changing Educational Paradigms Google Form quiz (below) as/after you watch either the animated or live version of Robinson’s TED Talk (farther below).  Refer to this Word Bank and/or the Answer Key at your leisure.



Task 4In the Why Personalized Learning? survey (below) select “Original justification” and justify personalized learning in your own words.


Task 5:  Refer to the Timestamp column below (and/or Search by date) to find the most recent Justification.

TimestampJustifier or RecipientContent(Re)Justification or ResponseSource
10/10/2019 14:30:59bcranwelOriginal justificationWhen applied correctly, personalized learning can move mountains for students. It means that assignments and instruction are tailored to individual students' interests, needs, and skills. ... It opens up probabilities for strategic groupings to allow students to learn better from one another. Teachers now become guides that shape students educational experience that will help them engage with the material and others around them like never before.Link
10/13/2019 11:40:17bcranwelRevised justificationPersonalized learning should be used in today’s educational process as it creates and expands a child’s learning abilities and growth. As the video’s discussed how the old form of education actually stifles a students learning development through the rigorous structure, test taking and behavioral control methods applied by schools and parents (medicating) resulting in a reduction in students ability to think critically and problem solve in a functional manner with their peers. Utilizing personalized learning as a teaching strategy allows for the main components that build and develop their passion for learning to flourish. The components that make up personalized learning such as collaboration, pacing, and mastery focus of learning are all well established within the new push in education and has shown results that prove its effectiveness. Personalized learning focuses on the student, but also puts the learning back on the student in order to create motivation and critical thinking. Making up the learner’s framework, which also shows how personalizing learning to the student can make a more significant impact to their learning process. The framework is Learner connected, Learner demonstrated, Learner focused and Learner led. Personalized learning can be used in conjunction and shows that when collaboration and exchanging ideas and information helps to increase student motivation not only in learning but in the social efficacy context. Personalized learning also focuses on making learning relevant to the student. Utilizing real world issues that allow the students own opinion and understanding to be developed further and gives meaning to the topic for the student. Everyone wants to understand the purpose of an exercise and making it relevant to the student through personalized learning allows that. Learning led focuses on the student being in control and in-turn creates the motivation needed to think critically about a subject that is of interest to you. PErsonalized learning also establishes this by providing choices and opportunities to learn about different topics in different ways and times depending on the student. It also creates a students responsibility for their learning and what they want to get from it. Link
6/15/2020 11:59:17aminahanOriginal justificationPersonalized learning has many components, but it is most used to help students learn based on their individual needs, interest, and prior knowledge. Everyone learns in different ways and there are many approaches of rewarding students such as positive feedback. The better the reward, the better the students will respond until a certain point. Helping students learn in the best ways they are able to is the goal of personalized learning. Link
6/15/2020 12:16:25The revised justification from 10/13/19Response to someone else's justificationCritical thinking skills are vital for children to learn. If the medication they are taking impedes these skills, maybe some revaluation of the dosage of the medication or the classroom requirements would be beneficial. Personalized learning is all about giving the learner what they need in order to succeed. The author of this justification stated this perfectly by saying: "the framework is learner connected, learner demonstrated, learner focused, and learner led." If the main idea is to help the students succeed by involving their interests, real world experiences, and prior knowledge, then we need to ensure the proper adaptations and personal modifications are being made to the learning strategies. Giving students meaning to their learning is also another great point that this author makes that is essential for personalized learning to be successful for each student.Link
6/16/2020 12:10:03Matt HareOriginal justificationPersonalized learning gives the educator the opportunity to provide for all their different types of students. Through hard work and dedication, educators are able to provide for the student by peaking their interest, allowing them to have choice and create motivation within the classroom.Link
6/16/2020 12:13:02Response to SomeoneResponse to someone else's justificationCritical thinking is an imperative part of today's schooling, and students need to be able to learn these skills. Revolving lessons and curriculum around critical thinking gives the students choice and flexibility in what they want to study. That is why connecting aspects of personalized learning like student choice to critical thinking exercises can make a huge difference for students.Link
6/17/2020 13:26:22Leola MillerOriginal justificationPersonalized learning is a strategy that can be used to develop learning and educating skills in students through the channels of small group instruction, one-on-one instruction and the use of technology. It allows students to be accountable for their own learning in addition to their input through interest , student profile, and needs. More importantly the use of personalized learning will place emphasis on learning at individual pace, which equates to receptive learning.Link
6/17/2020 13:38:44Leola MillerOriginal justificationPersonalized learning is a strategy that is becoming widely used amongst educational facilities across the nation and the world. It enables educators to meet students where they are and conform students to be comfortable in their learning through the support of technology and teacher led instructor however maintaining a student focused approach. It enhances and engages the student based on student interests, needs, and student profile to provide precise data to appropriate the starting and ending point of individualized learning for all students. Link
6/17/2020 13:58:24Matt HareResponse to someone else's justificationPersonalized learning is popular trend in today's education.Just as there are benefits of personalized learning such as happier and prepared students for the workforce of the future, there are also pitfalls. For example, consider the added responsibility and independence that is given to every student, is every student going to benefit from that? Research also found that some schools had negative impacts of personalized learning. Educators have reported that it is hard to execute personalized learning well due to amount support required and variations.Link


Task 6:  In the Why Personalized Learning? survey (below), select “Response to someone else’s justification” and follow the instructions.



Check here to see if anyone has responded to your definition.  Then, if necessary, in the Why Personalized Learning? survey (above), select “Revision of original justification” and follow the instructions.


“Why Personalization?” Quest Feedback

Under “Comments” below, describe how the Why Personalization? quest did and/or didn’t effectively model the PersonalizED Pedagogy, below:

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