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Quest 3: Teaching for Mastery Copy

Teaching for Mastery with Sal Kahn

Technology makes personalized mastery learning systems sensible.


Game Guru Sal Kahn puts the ideas of Dan Pink and Ken Robinson into action through his world-famous Kahn Academy.  Master “Teaching for Mastery” to take the next step toward saving the world.


Kahn Academy is a gamified system is designed to give students agency over their learning so they can master concepts at their own pace.  By filling in the learning gaps left by an industrial educational system, Sal Kahn hopes to empower a creative population fit for the Information Age.  To learn more about Kahn’s philosophy, complete the “Sal Kahn:  Let’s Teach for Mastery” Crossword as/after you watch Kahn’s TED Talk about the importance of agency (autonomy) and mastery in a learning environment.   Feel free to use the Word Bank.

More From Kahn


Game Thinking Pedagogy

The Teaching for Mastery quest includes the following intrinsic motivation techniques:


Self Assess

Feel free to redo the crossword after checking the Answer Key.  It’ll appear in a different arrangement for each attempt.


Make Your Own Crossword

Make one of your own with at least 10 questions about any topic and share it here.  It won’t be graded formally, but you are expected to offer feedback about the game in the row above yours. (If you are the first person from your class to complete a game, offer feedback about the next one that appears in the row below yours.)  Don’t forget to check the feedback you received!

It’s free to create crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and other games through ProProfs Brain Games.  Its Help Desk includes “Getting Started” and “Tour” videos.



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