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Quest 7: Teaching Like a Game Designer Copy

Teaching Like a Game Designer

Gamification can make education, work and civic duties more exciting.


The next step on your journey is to take a broad look at how game designers teach.  Understanding the fundamentals of game design will help you prepare your learners to save the world.


Remember, games are systems of brain exercises that use a variety of mechanics to engage their players.  The use of these game mechanics to teach is often called “gamification” or “game-based learning,” although the differences between the two are about process more than outcome.   To learn more about gamification, complete this Gamification Overview “Breakout Room” as/after you watch the Extra Credits  lesson below. 

More From Extra Credits


Game Thinking Pedagogy

The Teaching Like a Game Designer quest includes the following intrinsic motivation techniques:


Self Assess

Check the Escape Room Answer Key.


Make Your Own…

Make your own Google Forms Escape Room or Google Forms Quiz with at least 10 questions about any topic and share it here.  It won’t be graded formally, but you are expected to offer feedback about the game in the row above yours. (If you are the first person from your class to complete a game, offer feedback about the next one that appears in the row below yours.)  Don’t forget to check the feedback you received!

Creating a Google account is free and gives you access to the most well-known Google apps like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Forms.  It has a fantastic Learning Center.

…Google Forms Escape Room

To create your own Google Forms Escape Room, watch this Google Site Breakout Room instructional video (Google Site optional.  You can provide clue activities on Google Docs, Sheets, and/or Drawings through Google Classroom) or select from these task-targeted instructional videos.  You may use my template , this template, or create your own.

…Google Forms Quiz

To create your own Google Forms Quiz, watch this instructional video after you’ve created your Google account.



Please comment below on anything we can do to improve this quest. Thank you!

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