By - Jeremy Royster

Quest 9: Choose Your Own Adventure Copy

Choose Your Own Adventure

The first step in your ascent to independent game lesson design is to create a game quiz about a topic chosen from the Curated Game Thinking Sources below.

Choice plays a huge role in our enjoyment of interactive materials like the amazingly successful Choose Your Own Adventure books. In the series, YOU are the hero, and the choices you make determine the outcome of the story. Teaching and learning can be like that.  Inspire an inquiry mindset in your learners, and they’ll pursue their answers with enthusiasm equal to the autonomy you provide.

In this quest, YOU further your inquiry into the world of game thinking.

      1. CHOOSE YOUR SOURCE(S) below to investigate
      2. Refer to the Motivation Pedagogy to decide how you’d like to motivate your users
      3. check the Game Quiz Submissions for ideas.
      4. Choose a Game Quiz Maker and create a new one
      5. Complete the Game Quiz Submission Survey (Your Game Quiz will appear in the Game Quiz Submissions)
      6. Offer feedback about the game in the row above yours. (If you are the first person from your class to complete a game, offer feedback about the next one that appears in the row below yours.)
      7. Check back later to see if anyone has given you feedback.



Curated Game Thinking Sources:

Or find your own using the Resource Pathfinder!  (If you find a new one, please make it available to others via the Resources Survey.)


Game Thinking Pedagogy

The Choose Your Own Adventure quest includes the following intrinsic motivation techniques:


Your instructor will complete this Game Quiz Feedback Survey about your own Game Quiz.  A formal grade will be included.  If you revise your game quiz to improve your grade, text 203-326-0665 when you are done.  


Please comment below on anything we can do to improve this quest. Thank you!

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