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Quest 10: Your Personal Learning Network Copy

Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

It’s time to build a personal learning network for your specific instructional needs. During this quest you may begin curating resources that will serve as the foundation of your PLN and help you design your learning experience.

Complete the PLN Resources Survey for each new resource you find below.


Curated Sources:

Or find your own using the Resource Pathfinder!


Game Thinking Pedagogy

The Your Personal Learning Network quest includes the following intrinsic motivation techniques:

Self Assess

Complete the PLN Resources Survey for each learning resource you find that may be helpful for your gamified classroom/workshop/training design.  It helps you identify reliable sources.

Make Your Own PLN

      1. Open PLN Resources
      2. Go to the “File” menu
      3. Select “Make a copy” (It’ll save to your Drive)
      4. Rename the file if you like
      5. Click on the “Form 2” tab, bottom left
      6. Select Delete
      7. Delete any resource rows you don’t need by right-clicking on the row number, then selecting “Delete row.”
      8. Add new resources as you find them!


Please comment below on anything we can do to improve this quest. Thank you!

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