By - Jeremy Royster

Quest 10: Managing Incoming Information

Managing Incoming Information


So NOW you can build the quest, right?  NOT YET!  To make one of world-saving caliber you first need to build a personal learning network for your specific instructional needs. 


In this quest you will begin curating resources for your own Personal Learning Network (PLN).


Part 1:  Find Resources

      1. Use the Resource Pathfinder and Gamification Products to find sources for your instructional environment. 
      2. Search the Game and Subject Resources table (below) to see what your peers have found useful. (Sorted by Subject.)
      3. Complete the PLN Resources Survey for 3 new resources you’ve found.  (They’ll appear in the Game and Subject Resources table within 5 minutes.  Search by key word to locate.)
TimestampAuthorSubjectTitle and/or TopicSourceWhy Helpful?
6/23/2018 13:31:55This is a 5th Grade Social Studies LessonSoft SchoolsLinkThis is an interactive website about the Industrial Revolution. It will make the learning more engaging, the students can do it in their own time and because it's interactive, the learning is more likely to happen.
6/29/2018 16:38:01Reading, Math, and ArtFunBrainLinkGood resources also provide books and videos online in addition to quizzes and games in order to expose their learners to different facets of learning and gamification.
4/11/2020 21:16:05Personalized Learning, Game Thinking, ScienceMr. Gonzalez's ClassroomLinkIt proves legitimate resources and perspective on implementation.
6/28/2018 13:40:59ELARoyal Shakespeare Company Interactive Learning ResourcesLinkShakespeare is often a difficult subject within ELA because of the plots, characters, and language used. Using a gaming site like this one to help students with their understanding would most definitely give them an opportunity to learn in a different way and make it more interesting for them. This supports Game Thinking because the idea is that using games and websites could increase interest and encourage accepting challenges within a subject.
6/20/2018 10:32:19Language ArtsRoyal Shakespeare Company Interactive Learning ResourcesLinkBoth the technology-based parts of the resources as well as downloadable teacher packs help make learning Shakespeare more accessible. There are multiple activities to engage students in role-playing and be active learning the story and characters.
3/29/2020 14:33:58Math, Science, Visual Arts, STEM, Museums The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources, E-Learning, and Online CollectionsLink This site provides an incredible resources for virtual tours and distance learning.
6/3/2019 20:39:08Personalized LearningAs more schools looked into personalized learning, maybe about to changeLinkAdding technology to a lesson is another way to get students to interact. When students are just sitting in the classroom behind a desk and reading from a textbook, its not fun for them. Students need to do project based learning.
10/13/2019 15:13:23Personalized Learning, Physical Education, Computer Science/TechHeart Rate GameLinkThe game provides students with another avenue to learn about Heart Rate. The game also provides students another activity in which they can be active and increase their heart rate zone and fitness levels.
6/28/2018 13:40:59ELAWrite LikeLinkThis website provides a number of resources and games to help students improve their writing as well as their comprehension of how others write. Editing and revising is also an area of concern at the eighth grade level in ELA, and this site focuses on utilizing Game Thinking to encourage, rather than discourage.
6/20/2018 13:41:06Language ArtsWrite LikeLinkLessons as well as games and activities designed for writing and analyzing writing styles of authors. There are short games as well as longer lessons in editing, formatting, writing, reading.
3/24/2019 20:23:39MathABCYALinkThis resource presents a game experience when having students practice their math facts. This resource is great for students in grades K-6 to review math facts that were presented in class in a more fun environment.
11/7/2018 15:20:04MusicBBCLinkThis game is quite fun!! It is a series of activities that starts with the mood the music creates and breaks it down into the different instruments of the orchestra.
6/20/2018 19:21:52SpanishDigital DialecticsLinkThis site offers grammatical practice and instantaneous feedback in its games supporting "just in time" thinking. Motivation is somewhat intrinsic so extrinsic motivators would have to be provided by the teacher. While this site doesn't provide badges or leveling, it offers both audio and visual practice. This is a desirable aspect of a language practice site.
6/19/2018 19:10:33Foreign LanguageDigital Dialects.comLinkDigital dialects provides practice games for Spanish grammar and vocabulary on a variety of topics. These games are grit oriented and provide immediate feedback for the just in time aspect of gamification. I might assign some of these games to be completed before a quiz is assigned.
3/24/2019 13:56:17MathHooda MathLinkThis resource allows students to practice their math fluency with games that address different topics that would be covered in different grades. This gives more individualized instruction for students who may need review of different subjects within the curriculum and also allows for students to review material in a way that isn't just notes.
11/26/2018 4:14:59MathsweetsearchLinkThis resource will support game thinking through the whole concept of the program. Students will be engaged while learning.
3/23/2019 16:59:29MathMath is Power for YouLinkThe website provides math tutorials from basic arithmetic through advanced math. The videos with the yellow background are mini-lessons. The videos with the graph paper background are examples only. The classes are very dynamic. Students will not feel bored and they will not have a hard time keeping up
11/8/2018 19:01:49MusicMusic have other games than just the Magic Flute game which I didn't realize. There are other games that would benefit more students!
11/8/2018 18:36:02MusicMusic Games from The Magic FluteLinkThis is a fun game to help younger students learn the instruments of the orchestra and their sound.
4/4/2020 22:06:19Personalized Learning, ScienceQuarked: Adventures in the SubAtomic UniverseLinkThe incentive of scores and repeat plays is a subtle motivation towards mastery.
6/28/2018 18:45:40ELAScholasticLinkThis website helps with creative writing for students, maintains safety and age appropriate activities, and gives students the chance to work on their creative writing skills and overcome the challenges that arise when writing in this format.
6/20/2018 13:38:03Language ArtsSheppard SoftwareLinkLearning games similar to the classtools games we used in this course, with vocabulary and grammar activities. The online quizzes give immediate feedback.
6/28/2018 12:47:16Language ArtsJeopardyLinkI would include this resource because students often love to review topics through a game like this one. The difficulty I run into, typically, is having a good system in which to organize the questions and actually have it work technologically. With this resource, I can insert questions, pictures, information, etc. and have it set up so it is actually like jeopardy. I love that there is a resource that makes this kind of game more accessible!
11/8/2018 18:37:27MusicThe Music InteractiveLinkThis is a website that I use in my class every year. I use the game Staff Wars currently with my 3rd Grade students.
11/8/2018 18:59:57MusicThe Music InteractiveLinkThere are a lot more interactive games on this website that will benefit not only my 3rd graders but students in other grades as well!
6/12/2018 16:42:29Language ArtsAchieve the CoreLinkSimilar to the Mystery Science site, this site gives you activities and more importantly assessments, directly attached to common core standards.
11/11/2018 21:51:55Physical EducationDoes video gamin promote physical activity and enhance cognitionLinkThat exergaming has positive effects on students physical activity as well as there academics.
3/21/2019 21:20:46Computer Science/TechCODELinkThis is an awesome program. I actually went to a PD on this. Teachers can introduce students as young as kindergarten to the world of CODING. Students are learning game design and a hands on approach to computer science.
4/2/2020 17:00:56Computer Science/TechHour of CodingLinkThe resources has links to other similar activities and supports coding beyond this website.
11/26/2018 4:27:02Game ThinkingKahoot!LinkThis resource is engaging and it update players on their progress throughout playing the game.
6/5/2019 12:54:48Personalized LearningA Journey to Understand and Implement Personalized LearningLinkMapping out a way to introduce the elements into my teaching: Curriculum Compacting, Flexible Grouping, Tiered Assignments Product Choice, Multilevel Learning Stations
6/5/2019 9:37:48Personalized LearningTurn your classroom into a personalized learning environmentLinkI learned that it is recommended to find a support or mentor to help implementation of personalized learning.
6/5/2019 9:55:05Personalized LearningTurn your classroom into a personalized learning environment LinkI also learned that, formative assessment can be better. It gives students assistance when they need it.
6/4/2019 18:38:21Personalized Learning, Language Arts"Turn your classroom into a personalized learning environment"LinkA few major takeaways: 1. Create screencasts where students can "...hear my voice instead of clicking a silent slide deck" and allow students to "...skip forward, pause, or rewind as needed. 2. "[A] flipped learning setup frees up my students to use class time to practice their skills" and allows students to "...choose thier learning activities based on their needs."
5/31/2019 9:09:31Personalized LearningHow to Personalize LearningLinkI like how the author mentioned the use of Kahoot. This is an excellent game to measure how well the class is grasping a concept. Teachers can see which students need additional support, and most importantly, students can have fun practicing the class content!
4/4/2020 21:31:47Computer Science/TechSphero EduLinkThe success of many coding programs (, Sphero, Scratch, MIT software, show tangible results to students for success. They are allowed to make adjustments and corrections to code to master the skill.
6/30/2018 13:09:41Game ThinkingEducation MinecraftLinkGrit is something that we teach, especially at the beginning of the year, to encourage students to prevail and work towards their goals without giving up. I thought using resources like the one below would help students to learn how to achieve success in a more independent manner would be helpful to this process. When students can be challenged appropriately and can recognize the importance of overcoming these challenges, they can see how this not only applies in the classroom, but in everyday life.
6/19/2018 11:57:33Game ThinkingMinecraft Education EditionLinkMinecraft Education Edition lets students participate in scavenger hunts or be in an immersive version of a lesson, as well as collaborate with one another. Because of the game format, it is easy for students to get a grasp on the material, and take charge of finding it themselves. The lessons can then be complimented with out-of-game responses.
3/24/2019 11:31:27MathGreg Tang MathLinkThis resource allows for students to be reinforcing their math facts while having fun. The activities provided are fun to play and challenges the students to try and complete them as fast as they can. In order to complete higher levels the facts need to be known completely so requires students to intrinsically want to get better.
6/20/2018 12:09:43Game ThinkingClasscraftLinkupgrade status: Students can take on titles or roles like they would in a videogame, particularly fantasy games. Classcraft, for example, lets students play different classes, like healer or warrior, and showcase those skills.
3/22/2020 13:36:13Language ArtsJeopardy LabsLinkJeopardy Labs allows teachers to find and create jeopardy games based on the topics they are covering in class. In addition to providing teachers with a platform to review their students' understandings of the topics, Jeopardy Labs promotes gamification because it encourages students to work with a team of peers in order to succeed.
3/24/2019 20:30:55MathJeopardy LabsLinkThis resource allows for teachers of any subject to find jeopardy games about the topic they are teaching. These jeopardy games are perfect for a review for your class to see how well they understand the material and also promotes gamification because it necessitates cooperation in order for the teams to succeed. Teachers can also make their own jeopardy game as well if they want to for their specific topic.I have seen this resource used frequently and the students generally enjoy it.
4/4/2020 19:40:42Game Thinking, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, STEM, Computer Science/TechJeopardy LabsLinkIt helps promote team bonding.
3/27/2019 10:05:26Game ThinkingKahoot!LinkThis is a fun activity for the teachers to use with students of any age. The students get excited about playing and it can be used for a range of subjects or random trivia facts.
6/28/2018 12:44:05Language ArtsKahoot!LinkI love using Kahoot! in my classroom when we have the available resources! I worked with the math teacher on my team this past school year to implement the online game in Language Arts to practice different concepts we focused on for Reading and Writing. It gives students a sense of power over what they are learning, but also challenges them to think quickly. I look forward to using it again in the future, as we are supposed to have chrome books more readily available to us next year.
3/19/2019 15:29:36Game ThinkingKahoot!LinkTeachers can create a game quiz by entering questions for students to respond to. Using their devices, students will read the question posted and select the best response, once all students have answered, the results on the survey will be posted. This site is a good example of identifying where students are on a lesson; did they comprehend the assignment based on the questions asked or do they need additional support? Kahoot is a game learning platform that teachers can use to gauge where students are, it can be used as an exit ticket.
4/4/2020 21:39:00Personalized Learning, ScienceGeniverse LabLinkThe storyline is important to interject a bit of fun in learning hard concepts. It was a very well-thought out project which apparently can happen with lots of funding and team of game designers.
4/4/2020 15:57:20Personalized Learning, Game Thinking, MathMashupmathLinkTheir puzzles and brain teasers are very engaging and teach outside-of-the-box thinking.
5/29/2019 8:42:43Personalized Learning, Game Thinking, Language Arts, Social Studies, Foreign Language, Physical Education, MusicMedium: What is Personalized Learning?LinkThis article made me think about the way technological resources can be constantly updated through trial and error. For example, a teacher can easily edit their resources through Google Docs whenever they notice an opportunity for an improvement.
6/3/2019 20:18:44Personalized LearningWhat is personalized learningLinkThere are many different strategies that can be use to create personalized learning in the classroom.
6/3/2019 21:00:13Personalized LearningWhat is Personalized Learning?LinkPersonalized learning encompasses more than just instructional approaches. The learning environment, role of the learner, use of technology, the sequence and pace of learning is changed according to the individual needs of the learner.
6/12/2018 16:40:45ScienceMystery ScienceLinkThis is a great resource that gives you activities, videos, extended activities, and assessments on a number of different subjects in science and are directly linked to the NGSS standards. There is also a time table for how you could teach each unit.
6/17/2018 12:37:41Elementary EdNearpodLinkI listed specific subject sources in the previous surveys, so in this one I'm focusing more on other useful tools for gamification. Nearpod is an app where you can store lessons, units, assessments, etc. It shows you in real time who is working on what, when they are finished, and you can assess right from the app. It's super helpful for paper waste, convience (you can grade while you wait in line at the grocery store, and students and parents can access it easily.
6/28/2018 13:20:48Language ArtsNewselaLinkThis resources is incredibly valuable for ELA teachers (and all teachers alike) when it is crucial to connect what is happening in the world with the material at hand. I often use a website called Flocabulary as well, which features a new rap weekly that discusses the major world events in the news. This would only lend to my ability to make connections with ELA. You can choose different news articles to focus on, connect with the Common Core standards, and even narrow your search to find specific information geared towards what you are currently teaching.
3/22/2019 9:17:46Social StudiesNewselaLinkNewsela is used frequently in my classroom. IT is great to provide a wide range of topics relating to math, social studies, science, and many other subjects. It provides students with leveled reading and also provides games/quizzes at the end. Students enjoy Newsela because of the wide range of topics they investigate.
11/26/2018 5:17:32MathNewselaLinkThis website offers the opportunity to learn about math through writing. Students can step away from problem solving to summarizing an article that highlights the usefulness of different math concepts in the world.
10/13/2019 15:11:22Personalized Learning, Physical EducationMeasuring your heart rate onlineLinkThis will help students learn how to measure their heart rate without having to have a heart rate monitor.
3/24/2019 20:01:16Game ThinkingEffects of Gamification on Lower Secondary School Students' Motivation and EngagementLinkThis source compares the motivation of students in a traditional classroom as well as a classroom that follows gamification techniques. This article can aid teachers when trying to defend the idea behind why Gamification is important in the classroom.
6/26/2018 21:38:52Game ThinkingQuizizzLinkupgrade status: Quizizz allows the teacher to add a leadership board component to the live quizzes and games. This allows students to see where they rank (as far as answering the questions) compared to students in their class. This along with the teacher's option to show the correct answers after each question is answered paired with the option to retake the quiz will definitely led to a higher score for each student and friendly competition.
6/24/2018 2:35:52Game ThinkingQuizizzLinkI haven't used it, but heard good things from some of the teachers I've worked with... Those teachers have raved that Quizizz is very popular amongst the students in grades 3-6. Quizizz makes review tools that help students learn at their own pace. It also grades and keeps a spreadsheet showing each student and which questions were missed. It is saved and can be downloaded and can be assigned as homework. It also has hilarious memes that are automatically delivered (if you select that as an option) when students get the right and wrong answers. If you need help with the resources, there is also a pop-up for live chat with the developers. Can't wait to use this.
12/2/2018 10:47:36Game ThinkingQuizzizLinkThis site allows for easy assessment creating for teachers and also allows them to have the option to create a differentiated quiz from the one that was already created which saves a lot of time.
11/26/2018 5:04:08Game ThinkingQuizizzLinkI became aware of this website through someone else and I am happy that I have because, I like to have the option of assessing my students though a gaming platform. Motivating math students can be a struggle but more often than not, they are hyped about learning if it is a game or competition based.
12/9/2018 20:33:07Game ThinkingQuizletLinkQuizlet offers a multitude of reinforcement strategies that assist students in retaining information as well as studying it initially. Features such as Quizlet Learn allows users to input study material and the website generates different ways of studying the material, providing notifications and a study plan.
3/24/2019 11:42:53Language ArtsQuizletLinkThis site allows students to choose between a variety of ways for studying. Students can make flashcards, take their own quizzes/tests that are randomly generated or play games that all help them study. Students are able to share their quizlets with friends and can see how they rank against their classmates in games when they play under the same class' quizlet.
3/22/2020 13:47:53Game Thinking, Language ArtsQuizletLinkQuizlet enables students to study information through a variety of methods that appeal to their personal skills. Students can study using flashcards, take randomly generated quizzes/tests, or play games using the terms and facts posted by the teacher. In addition, students can build and share Quizlets with friends, and can view scores on teacher-made Quizlets in order to compete with their classmates.
6/28/2018 18:45:40ELAAmazonawsLinkThis worksheet coincides with the above video, provides a basic story format, and includes questions to review the elements of plot. Students can complete online and share with their peers.
3/27/2020 16:18:15Social Studies, Field TripPhiladelphia Virtual Field tripLinkDuring this distance learning time, my students are unable to go on their Philadelphia field trip. I found this link to help their learning environment by giving them the experience that they would not have had.
3/21/2019 13:24:20Game ThinkingScratchLinkThis resource is really good to get students to interact with the class. It allows students to create custom videos, animations, and games. It allows students to take agency in their learning and create games that the other students in the classes can play.
6/18/2018 16:53:10Foreign LanguageStudy Spanish.comLinkStudy is a great online resource which includes written explanation of grammatical concepts. It also offers practice quizzes and suggested written exercises for each grammatical topic.
6/28/2018 12:40:01Language ArtsTeacher's FirstLinkI am including this resource in my PLN because I thought it was a direct way to get information, for someone like myself, regarding gaming in the classroom. I often struggle with learning new technology, even though I enjoy it, and this was a cool resource to look at to help me for the future. I particularly liked the class charts option which I feel would be very beneficial for my own data as well as the data I am asked to collect throughout the school year to see student improvement.
6/9/2018 10:00:02Game-Thinking Tech Crunch: Everything You'll Need to Know About GamificationLinkThis was a techcrunch article that talked about the unneccessary (and expensive) parts of gamification that are being sold. It also talked about the parts of gamification that are positive and neccessary. There is the importance of Validation. This is something that is somewhat out of the developers control, and it's generated by what the user creates. It does however, give the user that feeling that what they are doing matters to other people (I would add that it could also matter to themselves-a sense of pride in what they create). The importance of Completion. This is being able to see the goal (5% done, 30 out of 100 points done, levels completion, etc.) This also ensures that things aren't done too fast, gives the user a sense of accomplishment over time. The importance of prizes. Yes these are extrinsic motivators, but they work. It can be something as innocuos as new gear for your avatar (so it doesn't have to cost anything), but it can also be something like a no homework reward.
6/29/2018 13:09:41Game ThinkingTech CrunchLinkOne of the most important components of teaching and creating a positive classroom where kids ACTUALLY want to learn, is creating links between what they are learning to the real world. Often times, students ask how what they are doing in class can transfer to their life outside of school. If students develop a real sense that what they are learning is meaningful, they would be more apt to put care into their work. The article below really demonstrated how validation can help students learn.
12/2/2018 13:48:22Game ThinkingTech CrunchLinkThis article gives great insight about the importance of gamification in the classroom and how it can lead to higher levels of critical thinking which is important for any age group.
3/23/2019 16:19:41Game ThinkingCrash CourseLinkCrash course is the main site I go to whenever a new lesson is going to be taught. It provides a brief yet comprehensive overview of the key ideas is a fun and animated method. The videos also ask students questions that they should answer in a certain amount of time.
6/25/2018 21:38:52Game ThinkingTiny Cards DuoLingoLinkTinyCards uses the smiley-face interface to make the use of flashcards more like a game, and when you get an answer correct, the flashcard has a smiley-face versus when you get the answer incorrect, the flashcard has a "oh-no!" expression. Additionally, there is a progress bar at the top of the screen that tells the student if they are progressing or not. Both of these are great interactive features.
6/25/2018 16:05:07Game ThinkingTiny Cards DuoLingoLinkTinycards takes the mundane out of typical flashcards and adds fun by adding a gamified layer on top of them. As you progress through a deck of cards, your progress bar fills up and you earn accomplishments. It also gives you the option of creating your own flashcards that can be enjoyed by anyone in the Tinycards community.
6/9/2018 10:10:21Game-Thinking Gamification in Education: 4 Ways to Bring Games into Your ClassroomLinkThis was an intersting article from TopHat that goes over the basic principles of gaming you can use in your classroom. The first way is gamification in grading. Students are progressing towards levels of mastery, as one does in games. Each assignment and each test feels rewarding, rather than disheartening. Using experience points allows educators to align levels with skills and highlight the inherent value of education. The second way is awarding students with badges. For each assignment completed, award students with badges. As students watch instructional videos and complete problem sets, Khan Academy awards them with points and badges to track progress and encourage perseverance it’s important to add value to the badges, like bonus points, skill levels, etc. the third is introducing actual video games into your classroom. The use of games allows students to fail, overcome, and persevere. Students are given a sense of agency—in games, they control the choices they make, and the more agency students have, the better students do. Instantaneous feedback and small rewards (or big ones, like winning) are external motivators that work. The fourth way is stirring up a little competition. Having tournaments incentivize students to learn the material and practice. After all, everyone wants to see his or her name on the leaderboard, right? the use of the tournament function egged on some competition, boosted morale and got her students excited about demonstrating their understanding. This makes me think of Harry Potter and the house cup!
4/3/2020 11:21:50Game ThinkingQuizizz for Immediate FeedbackLinkI like that it offers students the opportunity to be able to play solo or challenge others, and they can work in teams or as individuals. Teachers can assign it as homework or it can be used during class.
6/19/2018 19:03:41Foreign LanguageBabbelLinkI'm including this resource because it is a scaffolded program with instantaneous feedback, similar to duolingo. I might use this site to find online exercises for students to complete before they play a game on the same subject.
6/20/2018 19:21:52SpanishBabbelLinkBabbel provides just in time feedback and ascending levels of difficulty. Babbel also aids in differentiation of instruction in that it tailors provided material to students based on a placement assessment. Badges are offered for completion of subjects.
6/29/2018 16:38:01Reading, Math, and ArtABC MouseLinkI learned that quizzes/games work better when the teacher tailors the subject content (like multiplication for 2nd graders) to specific grade levels and skills. If it is for a younger age-group, you want to make sure you have colorful graphics and movement in your game to keep young learners engaged and excited for the next part of the game.
6/28/2018 16:20:28Reading, Science, Math, ArtABCMouseLinkThis is a powerful resource with a full online curriculum that I used with my son and other students I've worked with. It's for children ages 2-8 and grades Pre-K-2nd grade. You can try it for 30 days and then you have to pay 9.99 a month to continue. I've seen parents and teachers use this, and they love the results they see in their children/students. Many notice improvement in subject areas within weeks-months because the program has the students practice areas of improvement many times throughout their use, but they make it fun by way of cartoons and game-like quizzes. The students are made aware of their progress, receive badges or digital rewards as motivators.
3/22/2019 9:15:02Social StudiesBBCLinkI use BBC often in my Social Studies classes. BBC has lots of webquests, games and interactive activities for students of all ages. In addition to this, it also has videos and articles for students to refer to information about the subject they are learning. The students normally love working on BBC because of the amount of activities it provides.
6/21/2018 12:09:43Game ThinkingPBL WorksLinkFeeling of Agency: Let students track their own progress, grade their own work, and self-guide in what lessons are possible. As a student, I liked when I was able to do things on my own without relying on a teacher to spoon-feed me the information. I felt that I could teach myself.
6/12/2018 16:46:02Social StudiesBrainPOPLinkBrain Pop is my go to for social studies subjects. The kids love them, they can do them on their own, they come with a ton of activities and extra resources, and they're just a nice break from lecturing.
4/4/2020 18:25:41Game Thinking, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, Music, Computer Science/Tech, HealthBrainPOPLinkThe variety of supporting material( concept map tool, activity sheets, quizzes, and even Game UP) provides students with additional ways to connect to the concept.
3/22/2019 9:11:52Social StudiesBrainPOPLinkThis resource is great for kids to get them to understand topics all across Social Studies. IT presents information in a fun and interesting way. It also allows students to complete quizzes and games about the different topics.
3/27/2019 9:56:59Game ThinkingBrainPOPLinkThey have a number of different subjects and cover multiple topics in each one. They also have a variety of tools to use, including videos, quizzes and activities. It is an interactive fun way to keep students engaged on line.
6/23/2018 13:31:55This is a 5th Grade Social Studies LessonBrainPOPLinkBrain Pop is great because it has a video, games, activities, readings and assessments all in one place and it's age appropriate.
6/10/2018 11:53:40Game ThinkingClassCraftLinkupgrade status: Skills only they have, titles, magic items, gear for their avatar
6/19/2018 11:52:47Game ThinkingClassCraftLinkClasscraft is a classroom gamification system that you can personalize and get students involved in. It takes the appearance of a roleplaying game, and students performance and behavior affects their performance in the game. it also encourages collaboration and rewards students along with giving them the opportunity to be creative.
12/2/2018 13:50:36Game ThinkingClassCraftLinkClasscraft seems like the perfect solution for integrating gaming into the classroom because with it incorporates education in a way that it doesn't seem like a job. Instead students will have the chance to play "games" that will reiterate what was taught in the classroom in a fun way.
12/9/2018 20:20:40Game ThinkingClassroom, INCLinkClassroom INC offers realistic setting in their games to link real life situations to problem solving. Games provide the user with a title and a mission that contains tasks based on concepts learned to complete and advance. Each game recommends approximately 25-35 minutes of gameplay a day, allowing students a safe space to practice skills and concepts.
4/4/2020 18:01:07Game Thinking, MathCoolmath GamesLinkMost of the games on Coolmath Games are mostly in the logic or puzzle genre, which improve learning and concentration.
6/19/2018 12:00:07Game ThinkingDuoLingoLinkDuolingo is a great resource for language learning because it operates in levels (scaffolding), offers immediate responses and assesses a student's initial mastery of the topic to put them on the right level. It targets intrinsic motivation by showing your progress, letting you retake things and marking improvement visually.
6/18/2018 16:44:11Foreign LanguageDuoLingoLinkDuolingo is a fabulous and free online resource for world language study. Supporting lessons can be found here for nearly any grammatical topic. Duolingo also includes listening and speaking exercises.
6/20/2018 18:18:36Foreign LanguageDuoLingoLinkConnecting my students with a resource that will provide them with unlimited ascension in their learning activities. Duolingo is just such a resource. Students can continue on as long as they want to, master the material on which they're working and once "there", keep practicing. This site contains material for every level which will ensure challenge for all.
6/20/2018 19:21:52SpanishDuoLingoLinkDuolingo provides badges, grit based progression, and scaffolded leveling. Just in time feedback is provided. Students are made to master a concept before completion of a level.
6/4/2019 18:56:32Personalized Learning, Language ArtsA journey to understand and implement personalized learningLinkThe article also identified 5 key gifted teaching strategies: 1. curriculum compacting 2. flexible grouping 3. tiered assignments 4. product choice 5. multilevel learning stations
6/5/2019 21:22:58Personalized LearningA journey to understand and implement personalized learningLinkDeveloping a flexible mindset in learners is an important aspect of this approach
6/5/2019 10:19:57Personalized LearningA journey to understand and implement personalized learningLinkThe article talked about creating a classroom that offers flexibility to their students. Flexibility is giving students the chance to have ownership of their education.
6/5/2019 21:28:48Personalized Learning, Game ThinkingSix Examples of What Personalized Learning Looks LikeLinkvoice and choice: coming up with material that would allow students to voice how they would like to learn and implementing that seems daunting, but very rewarding for me, as it would be intrinsically motivating the students.
5/31/2019 9:38:04Personalized LearningSix Examples of What Personalized Learning Looks LikeLinkYes, I like the idea of using Playlists of Lesson Sets in the classroom. This is great chance to personalize learning by providing certain students with modified assignments to provide the best type of practice or instruction. This can also be applied in the flipped classroom. As a teacher, I can provide my students with plenty of material ahead of time so we can spend our time in class having a discussion or completing a group activity.
6/5/2019 9:40:42Personalized LearningSix Examples of What Personalized Learning Looks LikeLinkYes. Personalized learning will take time to implement. With the right strategies, it is possible.
6/5/2019 13:22:37Personalized LearningSix Examples of What Personalized Learning Looks LikeLinkNO
6/3/2019 21:12:37Personalized Learning3 Myths of Personalized LearningLinkMaking sure that choices and options that include collaborative opportunities.
5/29/2019 9:09:51Personalized Learning3 Myths of Personalized LearningLinkYes, this resource has helped me realize that technology is not the most important resource in the classroom. Overall, the teacher is the most vital resource for the students. Technology can be a helpful tool, but it should not be absolutely relied upon for instruction.
6/3/2019 13:09:36Personalized Learning, Language Arts3 Myths of Personalized LearningLinkIt was a relief to read that one of the myths of personalized learning is that technology is the key component to personalized instruction. Personalized learning requires a balance of many components of a classroom environment. Moreover, " connects learning to to students' passions...[and] it is an approach to learning-- not a set program."
6/3/2019 12:58:05Personalized Learning, Language ArtsWhat is personal learning? Educators seek clarityLinkThe article has assured me that personalized learning does not aim to replace teacher instruction, it does not require a school to be 1- to- 1, but it will, however, require a "rethinking and redesign" of schools. It has provided me with the "four pillars" to personalized learning and has taught me that personalized learning does not rely solely utilizing technology.
6/3/2019 13:20:34Personalized Learning, Language ArtsWhat is personal learning? Educators seek clarityLinkI took a lot away from reading about the 7 reasons under the "Why Personalize" section of the article; it clearly states the purpose and the student and teacher benefits from a personalized learning classroom. Finally, it was helpful to distinguish between terms that are often used considered synonymous but should not be.
6/3/2019 18:15:36Personalized LearningWhat is personal learning? Educators seek clarityLinkI think something else I learned is that depending on how your district defines personalized learning will influence how it is utilized
4/4/2020 21:49:28Personalized Learning, ScienceGizmosLinkSimulations are just as important as games as allowing an alternate reality that could not be realized in a traditional classroom.
6/28/2018 18:45:40ELAFlocabularyLinkThis source is Common Core connected, provides components of the SPeaking and Listening Standards, is entertaining for students to watch and learn from.
6/19/2018 19:20:55Foreign LanguageLet’s Play! 9 Awesome Games to Learn Spanish Vocabulary OnlineLinkThis is being included because it offers a variety of games on a variety of Spanish grammatical topics. These games provide rewards and leveling for extrinsic motivation. I may assign these games as practice or as elements of a quest.
3/22/2020 13:28:01Language Arts, Visual ArtsFolger Shakespeare LibraryLinkThe Folger Shakespeare Library is a great resource to use in the classroom because it contains historical information on the life of William Shakespeare, the theatre of Elizabethan England, and free digital copies of the Bard's plays and poems. These technology-based resources can help make learning Shakespeare more accessible by providing students with a space to easily access the information.
3/27/2019 10:26:11MathFunBrainLinkAnother website that provides math practice in a fun/game-like setting. It will make the students feel like they are playing games instead of learning math.
6/26/2018 20:32:37MathFunBrain - Math ZoneLinkThis resource actually provides games in reading as well and specified activities for grades 1st grade thru 8th grade (math goes thru high school); so teachers have a rich variety of games and skills to teach to their students. Also, playing these games makes learning fun because they are cartoonish characters/scenarios, and each game shows the student how they are fairing in terms of incorrect and correct answers.
10/13/2019 15:15:28Personalized Learning, Language Arts, Physical EducationKnowing your Heart RateLinkNo
4/4/2020 21:55:31Personalized Learning, ScienceIXL ScienceLinkSome paid gamification resources are worth the cost in a time value sense. IXL offers resources that would take a teacher a long time to self-create.
12/9/2018 20:10:41Game ThinkingIXL LearningLinkIXL Learning offers thousands of skills that students can use to solve realistic problems. Its ability to differentiate all of the skills offered while having such accessibility allows any new user access. It also provides games that help demonstrate and assess skills based on real life situations.
4/5/2020 8:50:27Game Thinking, Math, STEMIXL MathLinkStudents will be able to progress and earn medals for skills, and the teacher can view their areas for improvement and engagement.
3/24/2019 15:07:07MathGamification: The effect on student motivation and performance at post secondary levelLinkThis resource talks about how gamification can be used to improve motivation for students in class. It studies to see what specific aspect of gamification is the most motivating for the students and also talks about how some students don't enjoy gamification as an effective strategy for learning.
4/4/2020 14:54:16Personalized Learning, Math, CodingMangahighLinkThey have a team of professionals that offer in-person and distance training and support to educators.
3/24/2019 20:38:25MathMath PlanetLinkThis resource is effective for students who need help in their high school math courses. It provides examples for how to solve various problems as well as offering questions for students to answer to reinforce concepts.
3/21/2019 15:21:22MathMath is FunLinkI think Math is Fun is a great resource to make learning math fun. The games on the website are designed to train individuals in logic based thinking, which is crucial in studying mathematics (as well as programming). The site also offers lessons in all areas of mathematics from pre-k math all the way up to high school calculus, and is based on the NYSED curriculum. The site is also highly revered by professionals in the fields of education and mathematics.
3/21/2019 15:35:45MathMath is FunLinkMath is Fun is a wonderful resource to support Game Thinking in my classroom. As a math teacher, I love how the games on this website encourage logic based thinking, which is crucial in learning mathematics (and programming). I also love how this site offers interactive lessons for a wide variety of mathematics.
3/27/2019 10:22:25MathMath is FunLinkIt is a great resource for students to use at home when they need step by step help with a math lesson. It provides extra practice and games.
6/29/2018 16:38:01Reading, Math, and ArtMultiplicationLinkI like how this multiplication resource has content that is accessible to learners of all levels: 2nd grade to high school, special needs and gifted; so teachers can use this content along with gaming techniques to reach an array of learners.
6/26/2018 21:09:09MathMultiplicationLinkThis is a great resource for math (beginner's math) and general ed. teachers who are looking for different math games to test their students at different levels and grades. It covers multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction and offer single and multiplayer games for when you want to involve the whole class. It also has auto-scoring quizzes which are automatically scored and timed, provide picture hints (of the correct answers) and reporting features to document how each student is progressing.
6/17/2018 12:37:41Elementary EdCommon CoreLinkAnother link that is for me as a new teacher invaluable to planning and each subject area. As a new elementary school teacher it's hard to keep up with the standards for math, language arts and science standards. I reference these sites often right now, and what's great is that there is even an app for each one. This is vital to my planning. As I delve into gamification, I have to remember the main goal or objectives are to link my lessons to these standards. And if I make sure that I'm doing that while planning in this format, my level of intentionality will be higher than ever.
6/3/2019 18:31:14Personalized LearningPodcast personalized learningLinkthe podcast was mostly about the implementation of either personalized learning software programs or whole school initiatives
6/3/2019 20:30:13Personalized Learning, Math, ScienceThe Future of Learning? well, its personalLinkI learned that its okay to give students their independence.
3/19/2019 15:39:05Game ThinkingProdigyLinkThis is another website that is based on math games. Students are tiered by their skill levels and as they play the games, they are learning and moving through mastery.
4/3/2020 20:57:00Game Thinking, MathProdigyLinkThe game adjusts in difficulty to fit the student's needs.
4/5/2020 8:54:07Game Thinking, MathProdigyLinkStudents up to grade 8 find the games very engaging, and they have to solve math problems to progress. It can be used to differentiate as well.
3/21/2019 21:18:12MathProdigyLinkThis is a FREE gaming website that is based on math. Students are playing games targeted at their skill sets.
3/27/2019 10:35:15MathProdigyLinkThis is a tool teachers can use to gather data on students success in math. It is an alternative than a written test, where it doesn't feel like a regular test. It is a better more accurate way for teachers to know what the students understand.
6/4/2019 18:48:21Personalized Learning, Language Arts"7 Personalized Learning Strategies and Examples"LinkAllows students to share in goal-setting, self-assessment and reflection, allow students to determine learning activities that are most applicable to them. To expand upon the flipped classroom approach, "instead of having lectures at school and activities at home, students watch recorded lectures at home and engage in activities together during class time." Utilize Google forms in a variety of ways.
6/5/2019 21:12:35Personalized Learning, Game Thinking, Math, STEM, Computer Science/TechProdigyLinkI noticed that flipped classes can help me use ed-tech to have them meet a few mathematical practices simultaneously.
3/23/2019 16:45:50MathTarrou's Chalk TalkLinkThis resource has a growing collection of mathematics education videos related to Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, and AP Statistics. The videos on the website are full lessons that include multiple examples to help one understand math and complete one's homework. The lessons are very interactive and lively.
3/24/2019 11:50:20Language ArtsProProfs Brain GamesLinkThis resource allows for teachers or students to create games that would be really useful for learning vocabulary. Students can make their own crosswords, for example, and have to fill in the words that match the definition. Students would have to know how to spell the words correctly in order for the crosswords to be completed. This site also offers games like hangman which many kids find fun.
6/23/2018 13:31:55This is a 5th Grade Social Studies LessonRead WorksLinkThis is a good article from Readworks that reinforces the subject content.
3/23/2019 16:27:34Game ThinkingThe Royal InstitutionLinkFor all concepts relating to science, this website is an amazing resource. The website contains videos to make you think more deeply about science. Explosive short films, full length lectures from the world’s leading scientists and writers, and videos to challenge the way you look at the world. They also carry out experiments in front of students and amaze them.
6/20/2018 13:55:25English Language ArtsRoyal Shakespeare Company Interactive Learning ResourcesLinkInteractive activities like roleplaying/acting will help students immerse into the story of a Shakespeare play. They can also watch live performances and videos that delve into the topic that are meant to teach students. While this doesn't give any sense of rewards or right or wrong answers, it targets the motivation of status and agency- students are responsible for playing parts and are accountable to others.
6/28/2018 13:40:59ELASocrativeLinkThis site supports Game Thinking because teachers can truly let students develop their own learning style, but can assess and differentiate based on the progress they see. I liked that this site provides ways in which to assess students, and track that data so that lessons can be constantly altered to fit the needs of each student.
6/17/2018 12:37:41Elementary EdSocrativeLinkAgain, this is a resource for gamification or really in any classroom. This is an app as well, and it purely an assessment tool. You can launch quizzzes, results and reports. My favorite part is how it shows growth and statistics on the class and the student, which is very helpful when it comes time to plan your next lesson. It has exit tickets and other quick and easy ways to assess learning.
6/24/2018 3:31:29Game ThinkingSocrativeLinkFound this one online, and it sounds like a brilliant resource! Socrative offers quick question quizzes, space race assessment and exit tickets. You can see all of your student’s progress and use the assessments to tailor class lessons and future assessments to the specific needs of each student. It also offers the teacher the ability to view their students’ thinking as they are answering the questions, by allowing you to see which choice each student chooses for each question. Teachers can have students do multiple choice questions, true or false and short answers (where they write in their answers to each question). As students finish each question, you will see a live results table of each student’s results start to populate. You will also get to compare each student’s progress with that of the whole class. You can also create your own assessments and save on the Socrative platform -- available for anytime use.
12/2/2018 10:45:43Game ThinkingSocrativeLinkThis resource makes creating lesson content easy and accessible for both the students and teacher. Students will be able to access all of their lesson material in one place--including assignments, assessments, exit slips, and games.
6/18/2018 18:18:36Game ThinkingSpanish DictLinkThe inclusion of a "streak counter" on Spanish is a nice feature which lets students know how well they're doing or that they could do better.
6/18/2018 17:06:56Foreign LanguageSpanish Dict.comLinkThis website offers detailed explanation of grammatical topics and well made drills for practice. This site also includes a "streak counter" which encourages the user to persevere (grit)
3/21/2019 21:16:08MathSUMdogLinkThis is a math gaming website where you have the option to pay for added on features OR you can just set up accounts for your students and have them play at the math level you think they need additional support on to reach their target. Students are answering math questions as they are competing against other students within the classroom and around the world.
3/19/2019 15:35:17Game is a website for math games. Teachers can create accounts for their students specifically in math and designate grade levels depending on that student's area of strength or weakness. Once logged on, students play against other students in fun and engaging math games tailored to the grade level's skill sets. This website supports game thinking because the students are playing games and achieve a reward which is earning coins to buy things.
3/21/2019 21:12:50Game ThinkingTeacherTUBELinkThese are videos made by teachers for teachers. The topics available are endless.
3/27/2019 10:02:38Game ThinkingTeachertubeLinkThis is a way for teachers to upload educational videos for their students to watch at home or in the class. It can also be used for teachers to share ideas with each other.
3/21/2019 21:08:50Game ThinkingTED TALKSLinkThere are around 20 different TED Talks tutorials that you can watch about gamification alone. Any one of these videos can give you enough information about the topic of your choice. This site will give students the ability to complete their own research and formulate their own opinions.
6/21/2018 10:14:40EnglishTop MarksLinkTopMarks has many different learning games from many sources that target specific grade levels and topics within a subject area.
6/28/2018 13:27:10Language ArtsTween TribuneLinkI chose a last news source because I truly see the importance in maintaining connections to our world, cultures, etc. when teaching ELA. This resource seemed really interactive and more specific to certain grade levels which was helpful. There is also a feature where students can utilize the resource in Spanish which is important for some of my students whose first language may be Spanish, or students who are still learning English.
5/29/2019 9:56:55Personalized LearningWhat if personalized learning was less about me and more about us?LinkI like the idea about forming a "crew" for students to be apart of throughout their four years in high school. I think it is important to learn to be accountable and responsible for yourself and your community. The crew seems like a great way for students to work together to achieve goals, strengthen relationships, and learn to collaborate on difficult tasks.
6/3/2019 18:47:48Personalized LearningWashington PostLinkI found this article really intriguing and would like to learn more about the EL network. I can try and create “crews” within my own classroom and also initiate more projects that require cooperative learning.
3/21/2019 13:22:40Game ThinkingWeVideoLinkThis resource will significantly help students live present ideas and create games to the class. It can provide students an acting platform, skits, and podcasts which can help get student engaged and create active learning.
6/13/2018 11:53:40Game ThinkingJim Gee Principles on GamingLinkconnecting what they're learning to something they care about, giving them opportunities to use their new found knowledge (creating projects, games, etc for other students to play or use),
6/9/2018 10:16:46Game-Thinking Video Game Model for Motivated LearningLinkThis is an interesting TedXtalk by a Dr about the neurological effects of gaming and how to transfer that knowlede to the classroom. She mentions 3 important characteristics of video games: Achievable Challenge, Frequent Predictions and Feedback, and Awareness of Incremental Progress. The next level attainment or pull of the game is an intrinsic motivator powered by the Dopamine-Pleasure response. Dopamine Boosters Include: Movement, Enjoying Music, Being Read To, Humor, Choices, Interacting with Peers, Optimism, Success: making correct predictions and achieving challenges.
6/15/2018 11:53:40Game ThinkingVideo Game MODEL for Motivated LearningLinkmore individual and intentional teaching plans, which might mean modifications for some students (ELL) or accomodations for certain students. Allowing students to play to their strengths while encouraging them to move out of their comfort zone. Differentiation is key, with room to have some students help others, but give those "high" students enough work to keep them motivated, whil giving the "lower" students time to get their work in. The goal is to get students to enjoy learning and not just the subject or activity they might be involved in at the moment.
6/16/2018 11:53:40Game ThinkingVideo Game MODEL for Motivated LearningLinkThis is where you need to give your students a safe place to try and fail over and over. If students continue to succeed, they will want to "play the game" You also need to give feedback so they know what they need to work on. Implementing and focusing on a Growth Mindset is so important to any classroom, gamified or not.
6/28/2018 13:09:41Game ThinkingWhat can teachers learn from game designers?LinkI really liked that in a few of the game-thinking resources that people curated, there was an emphasis on the notion that gaming does not simply mean playing a game, but encouraging collaboration and problem solving while students hone in on skills. I think that this improves student awareness greatly. If you think about it, when an individual progresses to the next "level" of a challenge or game, they recognize that they have improved or reached a new goal. This can certainly be implemented in the classroom with the use of gaming.
6/9/2018 9:51:38Game-Thinking What Teachers Can Learn From Game DesignersLinkHe talks about how games are tailored to the individual, they're interactive and learning is tested instantly (allowing the individual to try and fail again and again and learn from those experiences), there are tons of rewards (good example of how that works in the video), and the fact that it is fundamentally social (I really liked how this part was emphasized, that collaboration and finding the solution to a problem together is more appealing to students than certain kinds of individual work). This video also talked about how games teach skills like systems thinking, persistence, problem solving and collaboration.
6/5/2019 21:21:25Personalized Learning, Computer Science/TechFlexible classroomLinkbeing able to simply gather multiple ways to disseminate information and then offer that to my students will hopefully allow me to better engage my students next year.
5/31/2019 8:28:04Personalized LearningFlexible Classrooms: Making Space for Personalized LearningLinkYes, I feel like using a circular arrangement in class will be extremely helpful for generating conversation. As one of the student had said, it is much easier to grasp information when you are making direct eye contact with someone. The classic setup with rows and columns limits this possibility for social contact. In a circular setting, everyone can have a chance to share and see who is speaking without straining their neck.
3/21/2019 13:10:12Game ThinkingPress Play- Gaming SimulationLinkI learned that in order for students to become engaged in the material we must adapt our teaching styles and incorporate more stimulation in our lessons. Simulation is all around us and is a part of students everyday lives and we must make the connection to raise student achievement.
3/28/2020 10:41:28Game ThinkingGamification of the ClassroomLinkI especially like what was suggested about how to effectively use leader boards in the classroom.
6/12/2018 11:53:40Game ThinkingGames as design language for teaching and learningLinkconnecting what they're learning to something they care about, giving them opportunities to use their new found knowledge (creating projects, games, etc for other students to play or use),
6/9/2018 10:52:23Game-Thinking Games as Design Language for Thinking and LearningLinkInteractivity through games and play is a new development in the language of videos games. Students are able to develop this language much better than adults. It is a massive generation gap. The technology children use now is much more advanced than what we started with. If we can hit upon this language of interactivity we can engage our students. If we want to use this new language of interactivity, is to translate our learning materials. What we’ve been doing is trying to layer games on top of “boring material”, the students start out by saying, “oh a game, wait boring.” We’re not tricking them. It doesn’t have to be fun, it has to be meaningful. It’s more about overcoming obstacles than it is about fun. An important design component of games is that the person playing gets a new role. A soldier, a wizard, a warrior, etc. Give students an important role or responsibility, creating that safe place to try and feel. Games also give them a clear sense of control. The student needs to feel like through their actions they are affecting the game that is facilitated by the designer. Games give instant feedback about what the player is doing wrong or right, so they can immediately try something new. Games are highly strategic in making decisions. Students need Dynamic Feedback on State. Give students a desirable aim. Desirable aims can be made up to reinforce your pedagogical aims you had for your lesson. Give students a clear sense of achievement. Not just, ok good, you did it. Games are about action verbs, you need to be able to do stuff. Most classroom consist of 3 verbs, you look, you listen, you write. Role playing games, give these (action verbs and getting to do things, take on responsibility and actions) without technology. RPG games are an expression of the language of video games. Education is the last social structure to embrace new technologies let alone speak the language.
4/3/2020 11:11:01Game ThinkingGamification in the ClassroomLinkI really liked how the video distinguished the difference between games, game-based learning, and gamification. It also touched a bit on motivation and why teachers should use gamification in the classroom.
6/28/2018 13:24:07Language ArtsYoungzineLinkThis resource was really interesting to explore because it details major events, but also give students the option to comment or talk to others concerning these events. This would definitely be beneficial when it comes to Speaking and Listening standards as well as the communication aspect of learning. Providing students with outside resources also helps them to understand there are no limits to what they can learn.
6/5/2019 21:34:13Personalized LearningFlexibe Classrooms: making space for personalized classroomsLinkhaving tables on wheels and other furniture that the students can easily move makes the room much more conducive to flexibility
6/5/2019 21:46:01Personalized Learning, Language ArtsUsing data in the classroom to personalize learningLinkGives example of blended lessons
6/3/2019 20:42:16Personalized LearningA Vision for radically Personalized LearningLinkThe image of Personalized Learning of the future- much beyond what it is today, is interesting to envision. The school model had been slow to change, however, and is still based on the industrial era model.
6/15/2020 9:12:08Personalized LearningWhat is Personalized Learning?LinkThe author provided many definitions and provided examples of what personalized learning is and what it looks like in the classroom.
6/15/2020 9:16:09Personalized Learning3 Myths of Personalized LearningLinkI was unclear of what personalized learning was before today. This article talks about why it is not just letting students use technology, working alone, and letting students work at their own pace.
6/15/2020 9:19:13Personalized LearningPersonalized vs. differentiated vs. individualized learningLinkThis article was extremely helpful when it comes to clarifying what exactly personalized learning is by comparing it to similar ways of learning. All of the terms are alike and many people think they are interchangeable, but this article explains why they are not.
6/15/2020 12:37:15Personalized Education definition and Common MisconceptionsWhat is Personalized Learning?LinkIt is important to understand what the definition of Personalized Learning is. It is commonly confused with other types of instruction like adaptive learning, individualized learning, differentiated learning, and competency-based learning. Personalized Learning involves the pace, the learner's interest, and the choices the learner's are given which separate it from the other types of learning stated.
6/15/2020 12:42:58Personalized Learning 3 Myths of Personalized LearningLinkThis article talks about 3 common points of personalized learning that are misconstrued. These common points are that technology is a key aspect of personalized learning, students predominately do independent work, and that personalized learning is just students moving at their own pace. The article is meant to help clear up the definition of personalized learning to give the reader a better idea of what it actually is.
6/15/2020 12:47:19Language ArtsAs More Schools Look to Personalized Learning, Teaching May be About to ChangeLinkThis article talks about how everyday can be a different day within the classroom, and this is something that I would like to take to my learning environment. Giving the students the power creates a sense of ownership thus creating a healthier learning environment.
6/15/2020 15:36:04Business Education-secondaryWhat is personalized learning?LinkSchool culture, pedagogy, curricular choices, and resources al influence the shape personalized learning takes in any given learning environment.
6/15/2020 15:42:34Business Education- secondaryWhat Is Personalized Learning?LinkEducators today have the opportunity to change their teaching approach to tailor learning for all students
6/15/2020 15:59:30Business Education- secondaryThe Future of Learning?- Well, It's PersonalLinkWith the implementation of technology educators will now be to teach students by their own pace, however it can be difficult when each individual student is in their own learning climate causing frustration for the teacher and difficult to keep up.
6/17/2020 11:34:52business education (secondary)What Is Personalization?LinkPersonalized Learning entails more than just the definition but also include the school culture, pedagogy, curricular choices and available resources that influence shape personalized learning.
6/17/2020 11:44:11Business education (secondary)The Future of Learning? Well It's PersonalLinkWhile personalized learning has its benefits it also has it difficulties. Educators that implement this strategy may start of all together and eventually come across a classroom of learners that are all at their own pace which will be time consuming and hard to keep up with.
6/17/2020 12:03:07business education (secondary)3 Myths of Personalized LearningLinkMany people are under the assumption that personalized learning is heavily inlfluenced by technology, highly individualized to the point where students do independent work frequently, and another major overgeneralization is students learning at their own pace due to technology, specifically on line learning.
6/20/2018 13:55:25English Language ArtsWrite LikeLinkStudents will stay engaged with quick and meaningful feedback, an aesthetically pleasing layout, and reinforcement. The site gives intrinsic motivation by offering a chance to improve and the ability to choose activities and be self-paced.



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