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Quest 8: Surviving Adversity Copy

Surviving Adversity with Lawrence Gonzalez

You can increase your chances of surviving deadly situations by learning simple techniques, many of them “fun.” 


Lawrence Gonzales has made a career out of studying survivors.  In the first of a series of books on the topic, Deep Survival:  Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why, Gonzales applies his journalistic skills to gleaning practical lessons from hardships most of us won’t have to face.  Among the techniques anyone can learn, particularly relevant here, are how to turn a difficult situation into a game.

To learn more, play the Surviving Adversity Jeopardy review game as/after you watch a compilation of clips featuring Gonzales’s hard-won wisdom about survival techniques.  Feel free to use this Jeopardy Word Bank

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Self Assess

Feel free to redo any of the games or activities until you perform to your satisfaction.  Refer to the Answer Key at your leisure.


Make Your Own Jeopardy Game

Make one of your own with at least 10 questions about any topic and share it here.  Then offer feedback about the game in the row above yours.  Don’t forget to check back for feedback you received!

It’s free and easy to create a Jeopardy game through Jeopardy Labs. No account needed.


“Surviving Adversity” Quest Feedback

Under “Comments” below, please describe how the Surviving Adversity quest did and/or didn’t effectively model the Game Thinking Pedagogy, below:

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