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Quest 1: The Growth Mindset Copy

The Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

When everything is a learning experience, there are no winners or losers.


Failure doesn’t have to hurt so much.  Unfortunately, most of us have been conditioned to believe that failure should be avoided.  That it signals weakness.  That it’s permanent.  Carol Dweck’s research at Stanford demonstrates otherwise.  She argues for a “growth mindset,” a belief that our abilities can be improved despite, and even because of our failures. 

To learn more, play Growth Mindset Baseball as/after you watch the animated summary of Mindset:  How We Can Learn to Fulfill our Potential, below.

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Self Assess

Feel free to redo any of the games or activities until you perform to your satisfaction. Refer to the Answer Key at your leisure.


Make Your Own Baseball Game Quiz

Make one of your own with at least 10 questions about any topic and share it here.  Then offer feedback about the game in the row above yours.  Don’t forget to check back for feedback you received!

You can easily create a Wisc-Online baseball game quiz.  There are samples and examples to help.  Try a simple one first with questions you saved in a Google Doc.


“The Growth Mindset” Quest Feedback

Under “Comments” below, please describe how the The Growth Mindset quest did and/or didn’t effectively model the Game Thinking Pedagogy, below:

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